Oil paint, Oil pastel, glitter, masking tape, stretched canvas, mineral spirits. The image is 2’16” by 3’4.5″

The undoing of oneself. This is the first in a concentration of images for my painting class. It originally started with an idea of ego and oneself, the violence in this resulted from an overwhelming reaction to a specific situation. The body was complete before this episode with a head and the face a mask but after the head was painting out with white and a lot of red was splattered across the canvas leaving just the mask floating aside. It has been a question of whether or not the top right corner is too unfinished but I do not plan to alter this painting as of right now.

I have a habit of concealing my true feelings in most social situations that would normally be either awkward or very emotional, if not dissociating completely. The painting is more or less a direct representation of what happens when I allow myself to release my reactions to things.


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